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Equipment Services

ADEPT Equipment Services provides high-quality repair and refurbishment services for industrial capital equipment and its support technologies.

Our expertise includes plastic joining and vibration welder equipment as well as other types of industrial machines and tools.

Contact ADEPT today to discuss your industrial capital equipment maintenance and repair needs.

Service Contracts

Regularly scheduled maintenance is a proven strategy to keep your industrial equipment assets running at peak performance for the greatest return on your investment.

ADEPT's service contract offers you priority service and a timely preventive maintenance schedule that minimizes downtime due to equipment inefficiency or failure.

Sign up today for an ADEPT service contract!


ADEPT is not only expert at refurbishing and repairing industrial equipment, but we also have an excellent reputation for our ability to train your maintenance staff at your facility or ours.

Training subject areas include but aren't limited to troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, hydraulic and pneumatic repairs, and plastic welding equipment.

Contact ADEPT today to discuss your training needs.

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