Industry Experience

ADEPT Equipment Services has had experience with and supports industrial equipment used in a wide variety of industries.

Consumer Appliances/Electronics

  • Typical applications: Printers, washer and dryer parts, filtration parts, ink and toner cartridges

  • Typical equipment serviced: Hot plate welders, ultrasonic welders, vibration welders, injection mold machines, burst test machines, fixturing

Machining Industry

  • Typical applications: Punch and dies, stamped details, automotive parts, precision cutting and grinding tools

  • Typical equipment serviced: Gun drills, machining centers, grinders, water jet cutting machines, wire EDM equipment, mills, drill presses, lathes


  • Typical applications: Carbon canisters, filters, intake manifolds, fuel injection systems, air bag consoles, tail lights, interior lighting components, instrument clusters, consoles

  • Typical equipment serviced: Vibration welders, hot plate welders, spinwelders, ultrasonic welders, test stations, fixturing 


  • Typical applications: Lenses, lens arrays, fiber, eyepieces, reflectors

  • Typical equipment serviced: Ultrasonic welders, ultrasonic cleaners, test equipment


  • Typical applications: Filters, breathing apparatus, bags, bottles, wound management devices, blood separators

  • Typical equipment serviced: Vibration welders, hot plate welders, spinwelders, ultrasonic welders, ultrasonic cleaners, test stations, fixturing

What We Do

ADEPT Equipment Services provides in-house and in-field service, repair, and refurbishment of industrial capital equipment. We are expert at equipment installation, commissioning, and start-up. Our services include support of non-ultrasonic plastics welding machinery, providing spare parts, and plastics welding training.

We Service Regional, National, and International Clients

We serve clients regionally, nationally, and internationally in the automotive, medical, consumer electronics, machining, and packaging industries. Our manufacturing facility is accessible to transportation and equipped to handle your machines.

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