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Plastics Welding Training

ADEPT Equipment Services offers technical training on all plastics welding technologies:

  • Vibration welding training includes instruction on all electro-magnetically driven vibration welders. This seminar provides information and understanding of controls, table/drive operation, and vibrating weldhead system. Students will perform machine breakdown exercises after being provided with the keys to troubleshooting and operation.

  • Hot plate training is available upon request. Contact or non-contact techniques are discussed along with in-depth troubleshooting guidance and hands-on exercises.

  • Spinwelder training is available upon request.

  • Ultrasonics machine maintenance and troubleshooting is available upon request.

Materials provided in classes (as available) will be machine schematics, spare parts lists, and some basic replacement instructions, along with other service information.


All seminars result in less machine down time, a more efficient, dependable, process and better communication between maintenance personnel, operators, and service representatives.

ADEPT offers training in other industrial capital equipment repair and maintenance as well. Please contact us for more information.

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