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Adept Equipment Services

We offer expert service and maintenance of industrial capital equipment such as plastic joining and vibration welder machines. These services include troubleshooting and debugging of machine hardware, PLC code, and tooling.

We will work with you from concept through production to help you develop your tooling and define your vibration welding process. Whether it's a metal punch, transmission filter, carbon canister, or child's toy, we can design and fabricate the right machine and fixturing for you.


Adept Builds and Refurbishes Equipment

We actively search for and acquire used but functional industrial equipment. We have designed our vibration welder refurbishment program as the most affordable alternative to new equipment purchase. 

The extensive experience of our personnel enables us to rebuild, refurbish or retrofit pre-owned equipment, whether our customers purchased it or they asked us to locate it.

For equipment we purchased, we are able to make it available to our customers for a competitive price when compared with new OEM equipment.

To see a sample of our work, please view this photo series featuring the retrofit and repair of Branson VW6, 90 series vibration welder.

Adept Services Joining / Welding Equipment

Adept service contracts are available to customers who want the peace of mind of having someone on call to repair and maintain their equipment.

Replacement parts necessary to complete a repair are obtained from the appropriate OEM supplier, our spare parts inventory, or trusted vendor.

Adept Services Other Equipment

We are also able to work with punch presses, molding machines, laser-etching machines, blenders, and grinders.

“We have used ADEPT Equipment Services for several types of projects over the years, including a completely custom new laser machine, machine repairs and upgrades. They are a first-class organization with first-class people who have the skills and knowledge to deliver custom projects, including engineering, tooling, design, electrical, and fabrication.

“You could not ask for better people to work with you as they will stand by you after a project is signed off for support, parts and any additional services. It is comforting to know you can depend on them for any short-time emergency or for the long haul, regardless of the need. For any project, I recommend talking to the "A-team" at ADEPT. where you can start a relationship you will enjoy as well as benefit from.”

—Edward Dries, COO, Amada Tool America, Inc.

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